Thursday, June 12, 2014

52 cards...

I have been neglecting to share some of the cards I have been making. Somehow I jumped from week 16 to week 20.

Week 17 - The prompt for this one was Objet d'art.  I used images cut from a giftware catalog. I tried to choose colours that would work together and then arranged them around the frame I had painted. I had so many items cut out (I did them while watching tv with hubby) that I put them on the back of the card too. 

  Week 18 - prompt Army.  I couldn't think of a way to do a card about the military definition for Army so I twisted the prompt to suit my own sense of humour. The arms were painted with acrylics and then I added some colored pencil shading. It is a great way to store a bunch of poses to use in later drawings.

Week 19 prompt - dictionary.  I glued a dictionary page to my card with gel medium.  When it was dry I used coloured pencils to sketch some daffodils. Daffodils are a fairly easy flower to draw if you are just beginning to learn sketching.

Week 21 Prompt - niche.  This shows the hole I made in one card that I glued to a second one with two layers of black foam tape for a 3D effect. I had previously gessoed the first card and stuck tissue onto the second one.

I didn't like the yellow tissue so I covered the cards, front and back, with this paper that I know as mulberry paper (it may be called something else where you live). You can see it has lots of threads in it and when you tear it the edges are frayed nicely. I put lots of overlapping pieces on the cards and then dry brushed on a little silver paint to highlight the texture.

 I used two cards to make my niche.  I used scrapbooking brads for the flowers.   The butterflies are old pieces of jewelry that I had saved. I used wire cutting pliers to remove the jewelry parts and adhered them to the card with foam tape.

Week 22 prompt - trim.  A humorous take on the prompt.  I painted the background with acrylics and covered it with plastic wrap while it dried.  It gives the paint an interesting texture.   I did a simple sketch and colored it with pencils.

Week 23 prompt - emerald.  I used self-adhesive paper for the background of my card.  The tree was embossed on green metallic foil that was stuck to cardstock. I used alcohol inks to add more color to the back of the tree and then used a Brilliance stamp pad to add the copper color to the tree. The Brilliance ink works on most surfaces if you dry it with a heat gun.

Week 24 prompt - game.  I painted the card with distress paint and then used a stencil and distress ink to apply the pattern. I had the scrabble tiles in my stash (I think they were a freebie with a magazine) so used them to make the words.

I am now caught up with this challenge. I also have a bunch of index cards to share so will try to post again very soon. Keep making art and having fun.

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