Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 3 - Index Card a Day

The overall theme this week was maps. I haven't really played with maps before and this week I got to see that is a great creative tool.

Prompt - stickers.  I simply used letter stickers on a map of the area where I live. After I did this card I realised that almost all of my adult memories are contained within the area shown. I think it will make a great journal page with a lot more highlights.

Prompt - roll the dice.  This card didn't work out the way I imagined but I didn't want to do it over.   I drew a lot of dice on the card then covered it with a stencil of a map. There wasn't enough black so I did the stencil twice and now wish I hadn't. It is a bit dark for me. I will try something like this again though.

Prompt - polka dots.  I punched dots out of a map and stuck them onto an acrylic painted background.

Prompt - orange.  I used watercolors to draw an aerial map of an imaginary orange farm.

Prompt - was Harry Potter but I wanted to do a map of my street.  I did rough sketches of all the houses and colored them with watercolors.

Prompt - candy wrapper.  I used chocolate wrappers glued to stiff paper. I traced the states of Australia and cut them out.

Prompt - repeating pattern.  I used punches and maps to make my repeating pattern.  I added a watercolor shadow around each shape to make it 3D.

This was a fun week and great inspiration for several art journal pages in the future.

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