Sunday, June 15, 2014

ICAD week 2

 The overall theme for the second week of ICAD was collage. It is something I like to try occasionally but not really a favorite technique for me. I do like using these challenges to force me to try different techniques, otherwise I would just sketch or paint everything.

Prompt - mandala.  I have never been a fan of mandalas so this was a challenge for me. I used punches to cut shapes out of magazine pages. Some of them are layered. I put the tiny star shapes on top of some of the circles and also used them for the centers of the orange flowers shapes around the edge. The centerpiece is two cut out stars over a circle cut out.  I used a little white pen to add some extra details. The hardest part was gluing down all the pieces.

 Prompt - alphabet. I was making soup last week so the idea of alphabet soup popped into my head.  I cut a picture of soup from a magazine and put it onto a plain background. The letters were added with rub-ons. I did color some of the letters with marker to make them look like they were in the soup. 

Prompt - The Beatles.  I scanned a strawberry painting I had done years ago and printed it out several times.  I cut out the strawberries and glued them to the card.

Prompt - toy camera.  I imagined the photos you might see taken with a toy camera. I used magazine images to make the pictures and added childlike writing.

Prompt - paisley.  This is probably my least liked textile pattern. I think it has to do with the paisley quilt I had as a child.  I kept this card simple and used scrapbook paper and letters.  Another thing gone from my stash.

No prompt for this one.  I just felt like doing a torn collage landscape.  I have been using an old Somerset Studio magazine for most of my collage this week. It is great to get pieces of paper that look like I have painted them. I colored the edge of the torn paper with a brown watercolor crayon, it helps tie the whole thing together. 

Prompt - magenta.  I tore out petals and centers from my magazine.  To get the petal shape I tore around my finger at the top and then tore the sides in a bit. For the centers I used a pencil to draw an oval on the back and tore along the line.  I added a little fine-liner around the centers and for the border. Simple but interesting to look at. I may turn this one into a series of journal pages in different colors, it is my favorite type of collage.

If you haven't started Index Card a Day it is not too late to join in the fun.


  1. Ohh, great cards! I love the direction you took with the toy camera prompt, very creative.

  2. very creative solutions to these prompts!! they are all great!!

    1. Thanks. I love using the prompts to challenge myself.

  3. Ohmigawsh. I am officially in love with your torn collage landscape! I want to do one! I want to do one! I want to do one!! The idea of using a magazine for your art inspires me a lot, too. I usually start with a foundation of book pages and build upon them - so I especially enjoy creativity using anything that was "once read." Your magenta flowers are stunning!

    Glad to have found you today. I linked up, too. You can find me at #35.

    1. Thanks Julie. I would love to see your torn collage on your blog. I did another one earlier in January with step photos if you would like to take a look

  4. Very creative! The soup bowl is cool! And the magenta, beautiful! Happy creating!