Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ICAD week 8

The overall theme for this week was doodles in markers or pen. I am not a keen doodler because it always takes so long to do. I did challenge myself to give it a go this week.

 Prompt - elephant. A simple elephant sketch surrounded by doodles. I used water based markers for most of the cards this week because the alcohol markers spread on the index cards.

Prompt - octopus or monster. I drew an octopus then filled it in with zentangle patterns.  I added shading with a lead pencil.

Prompt - rainbow.  I used fine liner markers for this card and filled them in with Tombows.

Prompt - mushroom. I have a set of three glass mushrooms that are this shape. I love it so much that I used that outline for my mushrooms that are filled with more zentangle patterns.  I love the look of zentangles but they take so long to do.

Prompt - fern leaf/tree/feather.  I picked a fern leaf out of the garden and drew a simplified version of it. I decided to experiment with different borders this week as well. I think most of these cards could be expanded to make great journal pages.

Prompt - jewel.  I had trouble thinking of something to do for this prompt so I just did some jewelry.

Prompt - turquoise.  I used a letter stencil to write the word and filled it with my last zentangles for the week or probably year, lol. Not sure why the card looks dirty here because the photo shows it with it's white background. I used to doodle this border when I was at school on a lot of my homework pages. Final week is looming. I will miss this challenge but I need to do other things too.

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