Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 6

The theme this week was nature, earth, universe. I liked this theme and found lots of ideas to fill the cards especially using nature.

 Prompt - tag. I sketched a card with some flowers on then coloured it simply with watercolours.

 Prompt - lollipops. Another sketch and watercolour, this time of a lollipop tree.

 Prompt - green.  A very quick sketch of limes. They are so easy to draw and colour. A great idea for a beginner.

 Prompt - diagram.  I watercoloured the butterfly from a photo in a book and then added the words.  I like using watercolour on the index cards. It doesn't soak into the paper straight away and allows some movement of the pigment.

 Prompt - kaleidoscope.  I wasn't sure what the image really looked like in a kaleidoscope so I went to a toy shop and looked into one. The one I used had a triangle set up of mirrors so I could see the reflections were 6 sided, not as I thought 8 sided. I folded a piece of paper into 6ths and cut it out like a snowflake. I traced through the holes onto the card and used that as the base for my pattern. It was fun and I will do something similar again in my journal.

 Prompt - the moon.  I used acrylics to paint the background, then traced around a tree stencil. I coloured it with watercolour and added a couple of birds. Simple to do but I love the way it looks.

 Prompt - text.  I sprayed a card with black dye spray (dylusions). When it was dry I sprayed several different colours of mica sprays (moonshadow sprays). I let it dry and then used a white pen to do the writing. It looks very sparkly in person.

I have enjoyed doing ICAD again this year. It has been hard to see all the work that is being produced because there are so many people doing it this time. I look forward to catching up on all the flickr postings in a couple of weeks. 


  1. beautiful ICADS!! i love the lollipop tree and the moon especially.

    1. Thanks. I do enjoy doing the sketched cards the most.