Friday, June 14, 2013

ICAD week 2

This week the prompt was to use ink. I mainly chose to use spray inks like Dylusions and Moonshadow mist sprays.

This first card decided the style I was going to use all week. The daily prompt was city or map. I traced a map stencil onto an index card and cut it out. I then drew the Eiffel tower on another card that had been sprayed blue. I mounted the cut out above the blue card with mounting tape. It has a great 3D effect that I liked so I continued that all week.

The prompt here was sun. I drew the sun on the back of the sprayed card and cut it out. 

The prompt was a list of favourites. I chose my favourite ideas that I have seen on the ICAD page so far.

The daily prompt was circus. I had to draw more circus tents and cut them out. I used markers  for the colouring and blue spray for the sky.

The prompt was ivy. I think this is my favourite for the week. The veins were done with gel pen so they are a little raised.

The prompt was junk mail. I cut the fruit from supermarket catalogs and the butterflies from a Target catalog. They were stuck to green sprayed card and cut out, then mounted over orange sprayed card. 

The final prompt was camera. I sketched my own camera and mounted it over a sprayed card. I have enjoyed playing with cut outs this week but will be looking forward to the next challenge. I love to change things all the time, it keeps me inspired.


  1. Hi Wendy I'm visiting from the ICAD FB page. I really love the cards you've done this week, such great ideas. I have a blog too but it's mostly about quilting and I haven't been game to show my cards on there yet. I'm also doing 21 secrets, I'm only a beginner but am enjoying playing. I live in Melbourne, nice to meet another Aussie.

    1. Hi Debra. Thanks for commenting. I love to connect with other Aussies too. I am going to take a look at your blog.

  2. I loved the ivy one though they were all amazing... it must take you forever to do the cutting... I would lose an arm if I tried that... they are both beautiful and crazy skilled...xx

    1. Thanks Tracey. I did get simpler with my cutting out as the week went on, lol.