Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Half Way

The Index card a day challenge has now reached the half way point. It has been very inspiring for me. I think using the cards has freed my fear of having to do attractive art. It has allowed me to experiment with new techniques and not feel like I have to do a large painting or journal page. I can just do a card and if it doesn't look good it doesn't matter. 

These are some of my favorite cards from each week so far. The zebra took me 15 mins and is the first zebra I have tried to draw. The grungy cards are really free and the most fun ones I have made so far. I enjoyed the cut out cards (circus tent) but they took too long for me so I probably won't do that very often. I will do the hand stitching again. The cards are thicker than a normal art journal page and that is one of the reasons I like to experiment so much. I have been surprised at what I can do to them. Even when I wet the whole card it would flatten out completely if I let it dry naturally. I learned early on that the heat gun would warp it.

Another benefit of belonging to the group has been to see the amazing cards made by others. Even people who don't have a lot of confidence with their art have come up with some wonderful ideas. I am keeping a list of ideas from others that I want to try later on. So far there are about 120 ideas that I like. How amazing is that. I love being part of this incredibly inspiring community of artists. It is not too late to join the challenge if you haven't done so already. The link is on the right.

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