Monday, July 22, 2013

Wild Art Summer

I have been doing a new online class called Wild Art Summer. It is a continuation of the Wild Art series that I have been doing. I like it because it encourages sketching, a skill I have been working on for a while now.

Before the class began we were given a challenge to draw a porch swing. I sketched mine in the garden because I couldn't figure out how to draw a porch background.

 The first lesson was to draw a mud room.  I added a lot of things that I am interested in like my art bag, camera, gardening things, needlework. The view through the front door shows my letterbox and two magpies who were coming to visit frequently.

We were tasked with drawing a girl with flowers in her hair.  This is acrylics and is close to the original class project. It is on a little block of wood. 

 I used internet photos to sketch some wildflowers and coloured them with watercolour.

Vintage trailers were the first lesson of the outdoors week. 

 I love doing these type of mixed media pages the most.

I found this quote when I was looking for the one I used above so I made it into a journal page. I gessoed the page then used sprays for the background. The rest is watercolours and pen. 

A pair of seagulls showing a change of perspective.  Acrylics over gesso.

 Watercolour on gesso technique. I didn't like the way the watercolour was on gesso so I will not do that again. I prefer watercolour paper so the colour can bleed more.

Watercolour and pen. We were practising our writing. I have developed my own style over the past year. 

 Black acrylic and white pens.  An imitation of chalk board art, trying out more writing styles.

My market stall sketch ended up at the beach. It is more like my idea of summer than a farmers market that was in the lesson.  


  1. wow, these are great! i love your vintage trailers. sounds like a very fun online class.

    1. Thank you. It is a fun class and a great group of people.

  2. I'm going with a huge WOW! too. Your work is simply beautiful.