Thursday, July 18, 2013

ICAD wrap up week 7

Only a little over a week and a half until ICAD wraps up. I think I will miss working on the cards but it will give me a chance to catch up on some of the other classes I have been doing.  I have come to realise the challenge has inspired me in ways that no other classes have done. I didn't think I could draw very much before I started this but that has changed with each card I have completed. 

I also didn't think I had very many ideas for different types of art but that too has changed. The prompts really inspire me to try anything. If I can't draw something I just look it up on Google.  There are so many free drawing lessons on the net that I always find something that will suit me. It has also made me rethink the online lessons I have been paying for. More on that later.  

Here are the cards for this week. The overall theme I went with was Nature.

Prompt magenta.  My first card this week was inspired by the prompt. For some reason I always think of water lilies when magenta is mentioned.

 Prompt raindrops. I used watercolor and googled water splash to find out how to draw it. I drew two types here.

Prompt ocean.  I saw a drawing of an ocean on life book that inspired this card. The dolphin is something I have learned to draw recently. 

Prompt bicycle.  I didn't want to draw the whole bicycle so I stuck with the wheel.  The vine is simple. The leaves are just one brush stroke with another colour added when half dry.   The flowers are one drop of pink, then a dab of red into the center of the pink. When they were still wet I put one dot of white pen into the middle which ran into the red by accident. 

 Prompt faux quilt.  I used the foil paper from Lifebook earlier in the year to make this card. I stitched the card with pen.

Prompt snowman.  Another watercolour and pen sketch. I have never seen snow. 

Prompt zodiac.  The easiest Zodiac to paint I thought would be Libra.  


  1. I loved all your cards this week and to hear that you didn't think you could draw!! I have to say the flower bicycle just might be one of my favorite ICADs of ALL the 100's I've seen in the last several weeks. It is really special.

    And I'm your latest follower. :)

    1. Thanks Rita, I am happy to see you here. I am always my own harshest critic, lol.

  2. What lovely cards. Your bike/vine one is swoon-worthy!

    1. Thanks Deborah. That card is my favourite too.

  3. oh so lovely cards! the snowman gave me much needed cooling your rendition of the bicycle poised in flowers!

  4. What do you mean you thought you couldn't draw? your work is amazing and beautiful. I love the bicycle and vine so much.
    I agree with you about this 61 day challenge it has really allowed me to feel creative and feel imaginative and to make art!