Monday, July 29, 2013

More Wild Art Summer

This week I have been doing a lot of journal pages, trying to finish up some of the classes I have been doing. This flower page was a lesson in the Wild Art Summer class. I chose to make mine two layers and used some stencilled gel on the background. I used some coloured pencil for details.

I have been trying to copy the style of the teacher in this class but realised the other day that it was a bad idea. I need to do the art but in my own style.  I love Junelle's style with the free black outlines but it is not the way I sketch and I have struggled with it. 

Now I have figured out that it is ok not to use the black outlines. I will still do them if I feel that it will suit the piece of art I am making but sometimes they are not needed on my mixed media pages. I feel like I get a more painterly look without black lines. To my eye the black lines seem to make it look like a sketch or sometimes a cartoon. I will continue to enjoy the classes I am doing but in my own artistic style.

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