Friday, July 12, 2013

ICAD week 6 wrap up

I am surprised and pleased that I am still keeping up with the Index card a day challenge. I thought I would have run out of ideas by now but I am finding the prompts so inspiring. I think it is also the freedom to experiment with the little cards that has me thinking this is the most interesting and exciting art work I have done for years.

 Prompt ear ring and texture.  One of my favourite ear rings, done with dimensional paint and gelly roll pens. The background is textured gesso.  

 Prompt stamping and chess board. I sprayed the card with ink and then stamped on the squares. It didn't take long at all and would be a good background for a journal page. 

Prompt stamping and psychedelic.  This was a simple card, some spray inks, alphabet stamps and doodling with coloured markers.  Its not really psychedelic but that was just the prompt to get me creating. I don't adhere to them all the time. 

 Prompt weaving and washi tape.  I put baking paper onto the back of the washi tape so I could weave it, then peeled it off a little at a time. It was hard and I will not be doing it again, lol.

 Prompt texture and mosaic.  I finished off the card I started a few weeks ago when I was doing a post about stitching on cards. The butterfly was cut out of acetate for another project then lost.  I found it this week under the couch so it ended up on the card.

Prompt stamping and graffiti.  This took only a few minutes to do but is my favourite card so far. It is a stamp on a gessoed card with a little ink spray on one side.  The stamped image was spritzed with water and left to dry. The smaller figure just appeared.

 Prompt texture and stencil.  I had this green card that I sprayed a few weeks ago but didn't like at the time. I thought it would be good for the trees on this card. I used a stencil and white acrylic to make the trees, then outlined them with a white pen.   I used marker to darken the frame around the white squares. 

It is not too late the join the challenge.  Even if you decide not to officially join you can do it at home and still see a lot of the amazing work at flickr or on the Daisy Yellow blog. Links are on the side bar. 


  1. Great assortment of ICADs!!! The mosaic one is super great!

  2. these are all great!! love them :)

  3. Lots of great cards, I love them all.